Animal Welfare Association of Heliopolis


The Animal Welfare Association of Heliopolis is a recognized animal welfare organization since 1997. According to its statutes, it is engaged in the collection, rescue and care of stray animals of Heliopolis City and beyond. Every year it treats, feeds, vaccinates, sterilizes and promotes adoption for about 300 stray animals (especially dogs and cats), promoting their profiles for adoption mainly through the press. It is a non-profit organisation and bases its operation on membership fees and contributions of the public.
The aim of the Association is "a house and a family for every stray." "Stray" means any pet that is outside the limits of a property and is not accompanied by a permanent or temporary owner.
The Association collaborates with veterinarians of the area of Heliopolis for vaccinations, spaying and orthopedic surgeries, since many stray animals are rescued in an injured state, hit by cars because of the increased traffic in the largest part of the road network in the region. Some strays are held in private animal shelters when the cost of hosting them is exorbitant.
The members of the Association work voluntarily day and night and offer their homes for the accommodation of strays (mainly those undergoing a recovery process) and their cars for the transportation of animals.





A great moment for People with Disabilities in Greece was July 25th in 2008, where, after years of struggle, the idea of creating a Centre for Education and Development of guide dogs for the Blind came to fruition. The aim of this Centre is to manage and fulfil the need of people with visual and other impairments to use Canine Assistants for their mobility and every day care. It is important that this effort involved the incumbent with extensive experience in the problems of people with disabilities: The Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (CERB), the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (E.S.A.meA), the National Federation of the Blind (EOT), the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece (F.T.E), the Panhellenic Association of the Blind (P.S.T) the Panhellenic Union for Retinopathy (PEO), and 2 (two) specialized bodies in canine matters, the Greek Dog Training Center (E. .K.E.S) and the Association for Animal Protection and Environment of Attica "Right to Life".



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