The Goddess is coming to Athens
November 1st, 2015 at
Hub Events .

The energy of the Sacred Feminine is re-emerging in one of its many sacred homelands. Through different cultures, the Sacred Feminine is revived and celebrated in every possible way, in a festival that unites through love for humanity, Earth and life itself.
Music, dancing, singing, meditation and chants – all these elements will be combined for the Festivities of the Goddess, to reveal the magnitude of Her beauty in our daily lives.
We can create beauty each and every day: this is the message This is the message of our festival. It is the choice of our lifestyle, the way we think and our nutrition which will ultimately help this beauty become truly ours. Throughout this festive day, we will be putting into practice, in every way we can, that Love is a choice we can all make. You will also have a chance to meet the the Ilioupolis Animal Wellfare Union, as well as the Greek Association of Assistance Guide Dogs for the Blind who will be with us, with these lovely companions of health available for us to know up close.
In this great celebration we wish to highlight Beauty; and for this Beauty to become a little seed that will blossom within us, through Art and experiential seminars and speeches, presented by expert speakers from Greece and abroad.
A bazaar of a vast variety of alternative products, as well as a big Halloween party at the end of this wonderful day will complement the festivities.
The Goddess returns with incredible gifts. It is time for us to open our arms and welcome Her in.


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