Christina Michalitsi

Christina Michalitsi was born in Athens in 1967. From an early age, she started engaging in drawing and painting, while working as a translator in esoteric philosophy and psychology books, as well as a music critic on a monthly column, presenting new musical releases. In 1991, her first collections of poems was released, under the tittles of "In hidden dimensions of the horizon" and "Morphoplasiae". In 1998, she participated as a songwriter and lead singer in the first cd of the Greek dark wave group “Blue birds refuse to fly “, titled "Give me the Wings". Last November, her new album was released, a project of her personal musical trio “Distant Oval Images”, entitled "Emptiness and light". In essence, it is a musical project that records the poetic performer’s concerns around issues such as the journey of the soul from matter to spirit. In the above disk, Christina Michalitsi, except for being a lyricist and a vocalist, she was also responsible for the melodic aspects of the vocals, while having participated both in the creation of the cover and in the final production.


Ioanna Patsavou


Born in Athens, she graduated as a social worker and, after finishing her studies, she continued her education on dance therapy (psychotherapy through the fine art of dance) in the Dance Therapy Association in Greece. She started dancing since the age of five, starting with classical ballet, traditional Greek dances and Modern style. She began engaging in the art of oriental dancing at the age of 17. Since then, she has attended training and seminars in Greece and abroad, with instructors from around the world and is a member of the Kazafy Troupe of Greece (Egyptian Folkrore Group) since 2010. She has collaborated with great names of the theatrical and cinematic scene, including: Stavros Xarchakos, Costas Gavras and Antonis Angelopoulos.


Amira Balkis


Amira Balkis is a Greek dancer, choreographer and teacher of Oriental dance.
Her genuine talent in dance seemed early age. Having experimented with different types of dances such as Latin American, traditional Greek, ballet, Bollywood etc. She was won over  by Oriental dance.  With the guidance of her first teacher,  the great lady of oriental dance in Greece, Amira realized that dancing was her calling and that it was something she wanted to pursue professionally.
Many years of hard work and enthusiasm. With innate perception of motion, she cultivated and perfected her skills, learning and attending intensive seminars and master classes by acclaimed dancers and great masters of the genre.



Iris Baglanea



Iris grew up in Corfu, while facing the challenges of the wilderness of Paxos during the summers.
From an early age, she started traveling to places such as Africa, Peru, India and Egypt, where she got widely inspired by the local traditional arts, leading to her initiation in the fine art of Drama.
Realizing the therapeutic properties of Drama, she expanded her knowledge by studying Drama Therapy, Psychodrama and Physical Theater in Berlin. She then returned to Athens, where she lives and works as an actress.

Drama Institute of Berlin «Institut fur Dramatherapie»
Drama Studies at Karolos Koun’s “Art Theatre”
Modern Greek Drama school of George Armenis



Εugenia Logkvinovska

Eugenia Logkvinovska was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Alongside with high school, she graduated from Children's Art School and the University of Kiev right after. She came to Greece in 1997, where she returned to the field of art. She worked on hagiography, painting and decorating in Nafplion. She participated in the hagiography of the Church of St. Irene of New Chios and of other provincial Temples. During her three years of cooperation with the Municipal Theatre of Nafplio, she created props, costumes, masks and dolls for about 40 performances of storytelling, along with a small group of artists. Her stage designs even included the technique of Black Theatre of Prague and parts of animation. She has illustrated children's books for the publishing houses of"Pataki", "Fytraki", "Ankara" and others. She has participated in group art exhibitions and festivals. Her works are currently in several private collections. Since 2012, she is engaged in the creation of an alternative art space in an open, natural environment.

Danis Koumartzis


Professional Musician
Quality supervisor in the lutherie 'Anastasios'
Born in 1983, he has been fascinated with music from a very young age. He began with classical piano and electric bass studies and has received a 'Bachelor of Arts' degree by the Middlesex University of London.
Since 2013, he is the quality manager in the lutherie 'Anastasios', which specializes in manufacturing ancient musical instruments as well as the pear-traditional instruments.
Along with Lina Palera, they set up presentations and concerts on music and musical instruments of Ancient Greece by participating in events such as the international music exhibition in Frankfurt in Germany 'musikmesse 2015' and the 'Prometheans 2014'.




Lina Palera


She is a professional musician, with studies on classical music, while the last two and a half years (2012 to 2015) she is the key lyrist of the lutherie 'Anastasios’
Her long contact with classical guitar playing has helped her on her way to proficiency on the ancient lyre, with which she interprets ancient pieces and modifies modern melodies into lyre pieces.
As a lyrist, she has participated in events on ancient Greece, such as the 'Prometheans 2014' as well as in theatrical productions, such as the show 'Horsemen' by Aristophanes.
In April 2015 she was invited as a lyrist of the 'Anastasios' lutherie, for an exclusive concert in the International Exhibition of Musical Instruments 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany.



Μichael Anninos


Michael Anninos began his search for spiritual truth from a very early age, traveling to India. Art for him is a way of expression of spirituality, of inner strength and true beauty. He is a traveler of the Soul and Art has always been for him the tool that could realise a new form of existence in harmony.
He has worked in a variety of supporting charities, supporting families and children and guiding meditation groups, while his artistic work adorns alternative content books.




The group of art and dance ATRAPOS aims to connect the ancient dance and culture with today, revealing an ever flowing and pliable timeless line of messages, resulting from connection of the body with the spirit, of the rich symbolism the ancient texts and legends provide, as well as of the values inherent in the quality of movement, speech and expression, as was approached by our ancestors.
Through this prism, the team works with professionals of the artistic world, scientists, academics, researchers, and institutions that support this action, transforming the art of dance in contemporary messages and presenting projects, shows and events that serve this purpose. The group's action extends to educational work, with courses designed to impart to those interested as much knowledge as possible, saved from sources of the greek ancestry, on their kinesiology principles, in constant search of the development of dance through time, which evolves in shows based on the ancient tragedy, the study of dance in ritual performance, and pairing with modern elements, making this work easily reachable in today's viewer.
The founding team members have many years of experience and combine their expertise for a perfect end result.
Arsinoe Lily Karadima: Choreographer/Dancer, Artistic Director of ATRAPOS
Olga Papachrysostomou: Actress
Parmenides Jn. Bousiou: Culturalist, Academic Advisor
Leta Koutsochera: Poet, Painter
Lina Damaskopoulou: Archaeologist, with postgraduate studies in Museology
Aphrodite Yianniu: Counseling Psychologist, Physical psychoanalytic psychotherapist.


The band "Kawir" was created in 2007 by Pandion (Aerophones), Meton (Percussion) and Therthonax (Guitars), in order to cover the need for its members to find new expressive ways of contemporary performance of the ancient Greek hymns and themes. In the years that followed, the group kept experimenting, exploring different musical modes, with modern acoustic and traditional instruments, but also with reconstructions of ancient instruments, wanting to find a balance between modern sound and an ambience of ancient tradition that can inspires memories of the ancient past to the present day. "Kawir" want to believe that their music comes from the glorious past and appears as a natural continuation in the modern world. In addition to setting  ancient hymns to music, members of the group have participated in composing and performing music for theater plays and performances.

In its current form, the group  involves:
Agynor (Guitars, ancient lyre, vocals)
Erymanthos (recitation, vocals)
Iris (vocals, guitars)
Meton (Percussion)
Pandion (Aerophones, vocals)
Thethonax (Guitars)

while quite often, good friends participate and contribute creatively.

Body Painting by Stefanos

The history of body art runs parallel with the history of man on earth. Humans very early used this art form to signify their uniqueness, their properties and to express their most hidden desires, the most spontaneous of instincts. But mainly they used the painting on the body to deconstruct it and thus the body to become the means to connect to the sacred. Painting the body thus connects us with the sacred within us while revealing it to others. And those who witness this, come in contact with their own inner mythical sacred space. Body Painting by Stefanos

From 21.30 to 00.00, Body Painting by Stefanos offers professional themed makeup for the Halloween afterparty, bringing out our most impressive and festive self, with imagery befiting the atmosphere of the witche's feast!

Dance and voices in rhythmic circles

A method (ritual) of creating, bringing to life and experiencing an event in its oldest form, as dancers, singers or as part of a unity where musical poetry and dance are an inseparable whole. A ritual dedicated to the celebration of the goddess to consolidate empowerment and sharing of the feminine quality of the Energy.
Carol Meier: Musician (violin-vocals- performing), born in Switzerland, investigating ways of improvisation, teaching and expression inspired by the Taketina system. Creates the voices in rhythmic circles
Effie Xanthopoulou: born in Athens, plays music and dances, participates in various artistic and alternative activities (workshops, groups, seminars, cultural events)
Gest Yvonne Middelborg: born in Germany (artist - performer choreotherapist) & member of the International Dance Council COD Unesco & World Congress On Dance Research Dora Stratou Dance Theatre.


BATUCA is the name of Band and School of Brazilian percussion.
Created by Vassilis Liossis and Ravy Magnifique, distinguished Drummer in 1998 in Athens, their repertoire is based on a music system of Brazilian percussion and rhythm (Samba, Afoxe, Go-go funky, Gnaua, Baião, Samba Reggae, etc.).
The band can move while playing and has auditorial autonomy, (dB) its percussion is Surdo, Caixa, Tamporine, Agogo, Rokar. Active in many musical scenes, festivals and events all over Greece, they create a dance party for all ages.
While sometimes performing with large groups of children (80 persons) assembled by Vasilis Liossis after intensive seminars, the number of musicians varies.
Members: Vassilis Liossis, Efi Xanthopoulou, Giannis Despotakis, Selene Filippitzi, Christos Fotakis, George Politis, Elina Kitsaki, Danae Duka, Victoria Psoma, Marigoula Karabogia.