Sorita d'Este

Sorita d’Este is an author, researcher and publisher who manifests her knowledge and passion for the Mysteries through her work.Her research and writing pushes at the boundaries of Western Esoterica and beyond, often questioning and challenging the status quo and inspiring others towards experiential mysticism with firm foundations build on lessons learned from history. She passionately believes that it is possible to manifest creativity, positivity, love and enchantment through the creation of independent, free-thinking and more spiritual communities, with firm foundations in truth, natural balance and generosity.   www.sorita.co.uk

Jayne Claire

American born and raised. Early professional life was in the healing arts as a Respiratory Therapist with much experience in emergency and intensive care. Always curious and adventurous delved into the 'New Age' in Philadelphia in the early 80's concluding that to 'know oneself 'was the easiest evolutionary path to enlightenment. Major influences -Paramahansa Yogananda and The Self Realization Fellowship. After a 'healers journey' to Brazil in 1986 where she was informed by spiritualist to 'return to your country as an already realized prophet ' she discovered her ability as a strong medium within the practice of Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu with Master Phuoc Phan . 1988-1989 explored Greece for the first time. 1996 returned to Greece to live out her destiny. In 1997 after a self imposed 'vision quest' to the island of Samothraki began channeling a great force of energy that took the name 'The Delphinians'. From that point on she continued to expand her ability as seer and channel, traveling around Greece offering personal, group and eventually Sacred Ceremonies on the archeological sites and healing springs. Presently living on the island of Santorini .


Maya Moore Adamidou

Maya is studying the intersections between theater, music, dance, media-arts, visual arts, theoretical studies in the performing arts and critical theory. In her teaching, she draws on her experience as an interdisciplinary artist, a psychotherapist through means of creative arts and an educator. In her projects, she includes groups with physical and mental disabilities, amateur and professional dancers and actors. She is a founding member of Kromantse Foundation, a nonprofit institution development, based in Ghana and is a member of the TMP (transnational migrant platform), which defends the rights of migrants worldwide, the Respect-Network Europe, an organization that supports the rights of indigenous undocumented migrants, a member of a Media Performance Think-Tank, a research laboratory for the performing arts and media-arts and the Beyond Arts Platform, a group of research-based performing arts.
She has an MA in Dance from Codarts, University of the Arts in the Netherlands and an MA in Performance Studies (Dance) from the University of Malta. She carries out courses and workshops in dance studios as a freelancer in the Netherlands, Greece, and Ghana.

Vasilios Α Pagkalos MD, MSc, PhD

Born in Heraklion in 1973.
He studied medicine at the Medical School of the University of Crete.
Immediately after completion of the studies dealt with medical research, focusing on the investigation of molecular structures and biological behavior of subcutaneous fat.
He obtained the titles MSc in DMY and PhD Medicine of the University of Patras and Crete respectively.
He began his specialization in General Surgery in Greece (NNK & NIMTS) and completed his specialty of Plastic Surgery in Israel.
He worked for many years in the Plastic Surgery departments of the University Hospital Soroka (Israel) and Akademikliniken (Stockholm, Sweden) of which he continues to consist a partner and Principal Researcher of to date.
His basic specialization is on aesthetic medicine and research.



Lilian Simou

She attended French literature studies at the University of Sorbonne (Paris IV) and teaches French. She has been dealing with esoteric philosophy and astrology for twenty-five years. She studied for several years in schools both abroad and in Greece, but is continuing to explore the endless knowledge of said material, since whatever sort of knowledge is never enough to cover the wisdom of so many centuries on the subject. A member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, she teaches astrology and has written articles and books, such as "Chiron", "Moon" and "Selective astrology." She is the co-author of the books "The book of astrology" and "Asteroids" by Ilianthos publications and the books "Astrology-Ratio of stars", "Astrology mountain of Centaurs" (a study on the vulnerabilities of the psyche ) "Understanding the aspects and the planets without aspects" of Dimeli publications, with participation in other studies and new books to be published. Alongside those projects, she has participated for many years and still participates to date, through her articles, in both printed and electronic media.


Stefanos Karapanagiotis

Stephen Karapanagiotis completed his studies in Sociology and Criminology at Panteion University and then continued in his graduate studies in psychotherapy. He holds a Master in Integrative Psychotherapy from Middlesex University of the UK.

He has training in different therapeutic approaches such as, Existential Psychotherapy, Raichic Bodynamic Analysis, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Cognitive - Behavioral Psychotherapy and Emotional Release Technique (EFT).
He was also trained in Energy Shamanic Practice in the Q'ero tribes of Peru.
He is certified in Trauma and Mourning treatment by the international certifying organization Taking Flight.
He is a member of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and the National Society of Psychotherapy Greece (EEPSE).


Paul Soulis

Born in Patras in 1976. He studied mathematics at the University of Patras, where he completed his postgraduate studies on the applied mathematics and modern physics, specialized in celestial mechanics. In 2008, he settled in Trieste, where, through a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Italy, he continued his studies to obtain his doctorate on the orbital stability planets in multiple star systems. He worked with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP and the observatory of Vienna. His publications are related to the dynamics of systems with great level of freedom and the transition from order to chaos. Since 2013, he has been organizing seminars on the angelic Enochian magic. His cognitive objects include construction of 72 angels’ amulets, planetary talismans made of metal and wax and strengthening of the aura, according to the standards of Gnosticism and Kabbalah. Paul Soulis is a rapporteur of the planetary art in Greece and maintains the website


Fotini Cacoyannis

An educator and a graduate of the archaeological department of the University of Athens. She has worked as a supervisor in excavations of the Archaeological Dodecanese based on Samos island.
She has participated in excavation programs in Santorini (Akrotiri). The findings of her work on prehistoric archeology have been published in the local magazine "Eleusis", in the area of ​​Volos Magnesia.
She possesses a postgraduate degree of Systematic Philosophy" by the philosophy sector of the Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology department of the University of Athens.
She is a PhD candidate at the University of Athens, on "Ancient Greek and Roman sources and effects on the Social Contract Rousseau." At the same time, she is dealing with esoteric philosophy, ancient Greek mysteries and interpreting of palaeography texts, while studying in the graduate department of comparative linguistics.
She is a Language Professor with an active presence in secondary education and the Ministry of Education, while engaged in literary work (her articles are occasionally published in scientific journals) and her name often comes up during book reviews and presentations of upcoming writers.

Charita Meenee

Charita Meenee is a classical philologist, with postgraduate studies in psychology. She is the author of five books (Neopaganism, In the traces of Aphrodite, The Sacred Feminine and Magdalene et al.) She has published a number of articles and essays both in Greek and in English. Her translating work includes a variety of texts: poems, prose, ancient Greek hymns. She has given multiple speeches in Greece and abroad and has also appeared in many television and radio shows.
Blogs: hmeenee.wordpress.com/witchesandpagans.com/pagan-culture-blogs/mythic-wisdom.html,

Facebook: www.facebook.com/harita.meenee,  www.facebook.com/H.Meenee

Rawan Muhedin

Rawan was born in Chalepi, Syria in 1982
He has graduated the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as a chemist and has acquired specialisations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Accupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy by the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens.
He is a certified homeopathic chemist by the Hellenic Association of Homeopathic Medical Cooperation.
Rawan is the author of articles and translations of ancient Arabic medical texts. He is a professor of diagnostics and anatomy-physiology in the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens, a professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and of Pharmacology-Toxicology in AKMI Institution of Education and Training.


Maria Telidou

Maria Telidou born 1971 in Athens Greece, has graduated from the Athens University as a Professor of Physical Education and Sports. She has worked as a sports trainer and teacher in Greece and in England. From the year 2000 and for the next 10 years she lived in India in AMMA’S spiritual and charity organization, www.amritapuri.org , as a volunteer, organizing ecological programs and studying the eastern spiritual teachings.

However ΤhetaHealing® caught her attention more than anything else and became her full time occupation.
Maria Telidou was the first to introduce and teach systematically ΤhetaHealing® in Greece in 2011. She works full time as a ΤhetaHealing® Healer practitioner offering individual sessions, and as a ΤhetaHealing® Teacher®, regularly organizing ΤhetaHealing® seminars all over Greece. She constantly upgrades her knowledge by studying the full range of ΤhetaHealing® seminars and attends the required courses for ΤhetaHealing® teachers, which supervise and guarantee the quality of teachers and their continuous development.

Maria is the founder of “Theta Innerplace®” non-profit organization for promoting ΤhetaHealing® in Greece and worldwide.

Maria supervised, eddied and co-translated Vianna Stibal’s books in Greek, “Τheta Healing®” and “Advanced Τheta Healing®” and all the Greek manuals.

Maria very enthusiastically promotes Τheta Healing® in Greece participating in all Greek Alternative Healing exhibitions and festivals.

She holds the Theta Healing Master® , 2012 and Theta Healing Certificate of Science®, 2013, diplomas given by the THINK ® Institute.

Contact Details

Mobile: 6949762983
E-Mail: info@thetahealinggreece.com
ΙWebsite: www.thetahealinggreece.com


George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis is a psychologist (Ba in psychology, Ma in psychoanalysis), author of various occult and philosophical books in Greek (The Wisdom of Zen, The Holy Grail, Necronomicon vol I & II, The Face of Jesus as the Archetype of Man, Restless Souls etc.), chief editor of MYSTERY magazine (2004-2013), professor of Psychology on Life Therapey Academy (2005-2015) and currently director of Daidaleos publishing house. Find out more about him on his personal website www.apophenia.gr


Τίνα Myntz-Zymarakis

Instructor, speaker, activist and teacher trainer, Tina is the facilitator for the Athens Women’s Circle. She has been a student of yoga since early 1998, initially at the Sivananda and Jivamukti schools in New York City, and has been teaching steadily since for nearly 16 years. A multi-disciplinarian by nature, Tina has attended numerous conferences and teachers’ workshops with luminaries from various traditions of yoga and has retreated, workshopped, meditated, chanted, danced, laughed and practiced with some of the world’s most inspiring yogis, kirtan wallahs, bhaktas, monks, tantrics and activists, as well learned from formidable Ayurvedic, Buddhist, Indian, Greek, Sanskrit & Zen scholars. Back home in Athens since 2010, she is evolving both her teaching and practice whilst continuing to delve deeply into Indian philosophy and Sanskrit study. Tina believes in the strength of the practice to heal and help on an individual and also on a wider scale: the last few years saw her involvement with numerous yoga/charity events. Since 2011, Tina has co-directed YogastoAlsos, an effort to offer weekly classes in public spaces across Athens while raising awareness, funds and basic life staples for various great causes. Inspired by the Krishnamacarya lineage and informed by contemporary embodiment practices, Tina’s teaching reflects her conviction that yoga is for every body as she strives to serve those who join her classes with compassion, humor and joy. For class & lecture schedule, retreats, articles and full bio please visit: http://yogawithtina.wordpress.com

Julia Pitsouli

Julia Pitsouli is a journalist, a writer and a mental health counselor. As a journalist, she has worked for magazines and newspapers of wide circulation  and had her own television and radio broadcasts for several years.
She is the author of six tittles "Secret Odyssey", "Hercules, the hero within us ", " Cupid and Psyche", " Valley of Roses 4000 AD: critical analysis "," The 7th Gate "," Greek gods of Egypt ".
Since 1995, she has been coordinating groups and seminars on self-awareness,
inspired by the Greek mythology and philosophy and the Course in Miracles. Since 2010, she is an approved coordinator of the Development Course of Higher Intelligence of Monroe Institute for Greece.

She is a founding member of the Noospehera Estate.
email: Info@noosfera.gr
tel: 6937113537

Maria Xifara

Maria Xifara is a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She studied at the University of Paris VII and she continued her education at additional branches of Hypnose psychotherapy, EMDR, NLP, Energy Psychology, EFT, TAT. Since 1997, she has been coordinating groups and experiential seminars of self-awareness and self-improvement of the Course in Miracles. AS of 2010, she is an approved coordinator of the Seminar Development of Higher Intelligence of Monroe Institute for Greece. She is a founding member of the Noosphera Estate.
Contact: info@noosfera.gr
Tel: 6974918422

Maria Kalaitzi

Psychotherapist - psychodramatist
Member of the (PIfE) Psychodrama Institute fur Europa
Born in Alexandria, Egypt.
She studied psychology at the Universite Paul Vallery III in Montpellier, France. Then she trained in Psychodrama at the Psychodrama Institute fur Europa (PIfE) based in Berlin.
As of 1982 she has worked for many years with the National Social Research Centre of the Ministry of Research and Technology, in the research department. Also offered volunteer work to research projects on the preservation of the environment.
She was an active member of social support groups in the Social Service of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios. She has made several collaborations, such as with the hostel for the mentally ill "ANIMA".
She has offered sychodramatic group sessions, seminars and presentation sessions in the alternative healing center "Faethon" and the "Noosphera Estate". She has also presented seminars at European Congresses of PIfE and ISA (International Summer Academy).
Today she also serves as Secretary of the non-profit association "Friends of the noosphera" for the purpose of mutual aid and development of consciousness.

Contact: kalaitzimaria56@yahoo.gr
Tel. Contact: 6973996067

Myriam Prokou

Βorn in Athens and grew up in a musical family, transforming the musical sounds into motion and dance, through many different influences - classical dance, jazz, barre a terre, flamenco, tango and more. She first gets to know modern oriental dancing in Paris, where she was trained by Assia Geumra. Then, in Cologne, by Sahrazante and in Egypt by Mahmood Reda, Farida Fahmy, Nour ea. In London, she is tought Bollywood-Oriental. By France-Schott-Billman, she will learn the method of "Dance, Rhythm, Social Link and Therapy- Primitive Expression". By Morgan Goodlander, the "Art-Terapy-Gestalt - Relational Healing through Art". By Jane Rigby, the "Samanic Energy Medicine, Q'-ero Peru". Since 1998, she teaches and trains groups to harmonize femininity through oriental dancing. In 2004, she composes a choreography and script of the Indian-Arabian fairytale entitled "If you dared... Desert Sunflower" and creates the Indian-oriental dance theater, along with her dance theater group "Liaison". In 2007, she writes the "Context and Subject", an aid to understanding and following the therapeutic expression of oriental dance. In 2012, she sets in motion the Research Workshop of Oriental Dance, through the Creation method - The 4 faces of Woman, an exploratory journey of expression and creative metamorphosis, with the authentic movements of the female body in oriental dances as her guide. She presents a variety of lessons, seminars and performances at festivals, cultural events, artistic and musical expression stages and theaters etc. both in Greece and abroad. Her personal style in the oriental dance is influenced by the passage of Arab culture in the city of light and the spiritual-ecstatic aspect of dancing in the Arab countries.

Elli Tsouknaki

I was born in Athens and I come from Rethymno, Crete.
I am a graduate of the Physiotherapy department of ATEI of Lamia. I studied acupuncture, electroacupuncture, reflexology, energy dietetics and Spa management.
I specialized in a variety of therapeutic massage techniques of different philosophies - Thai massage, Tibetan massage, Brazilian massage, deep tissue massage, Chovati etc.
I have worked for over 15 years in various gyms, spa, salons and physiotherapist practices. Since 2004 I am co-owner of a physiotherapy practice in the western suburbs of Attica.
Capitalizing on in my long experience in the field of therapeutic massage and wanting to incorporate the glorious past of our country in therapeutic approaches to a modern and innovative auditing policies, I decided to wade in the teachings of the great Hippocrates, studying his techniques.
The fruit of my research was the creation of the innovative method called Ancient Greek Massage® www.greekmassage.gr

Penny Leventou

Dealing with yoga practice as a trainee for seven years and having seen its positive influence on the body, on human psychology and the way one sees and treats life, in 2013 she completed the training for teachers on Hatha Yoga (200 hours course), by Andreas Provelengyos. The nature of the eternal student and her interest on all that is related to yoga and its various aspects has led her to monitoring and participating in a number of further training courses as in various events and activities around the area of yoga and alternative therapies in general. Her goal and objective is to disseminate and update the public on a more conscious way of life, the acceptance of our own self, as well as compassion for our fellow man and other creatures. What she believes in and incorporates in her teaching is that it all starts with breathing and whoever is able to breathe is able to exercise yoga. Yoga is suitable for people of any age, body type and physical condition. One does not need, as is usually believed by some, to be a flexible, fit, thin or phisically strong to take up yoga. Some of the above or all may well be products of exercise on yoga and not prerequisites. Besides yoga, Penny practices Thai massage and holds the first degree in Reiki. In contact with yoga practice as a trainee for seven years and having seen its positive influence on the body, on human psychology and the way one sees and treats life, in 2013 she completed the training for teachers on Hatha Yoga (200 hours course), by Andreas Provelengyos. The nature of the eternal student and her interest on all that is related to yoga and its various aspects has led her to monitoring and participating in a number of further training courses as in various events and activities around the area of yoga and alternative therapies in general. Her goal and objective is to disseminate and update the public on a more conscious way of life, the acceptance of our own self, as well as compassion for our fellow man and other creatures. What she believes in and incorporates in her teaching is that it all starts with breathing and whoever is able to breathe is able to exercise yoga. Yoga is suitable for people of any age, body type and physical condition. One does not need, as is usually believed by some, to be a flexible, fit, thin or phisically strong to take up yoga. Some of the above or all may well be products of exercise on yoga and not prerequisites. Besides yoga, Peny practices Thai massage and holds the first degree in Reiki.

Vassiliki Gika

She studied political science and continues with studies in psychology. She teaches yoga and angelic reiki while involved with the practice of flower remedy therapy..


Andriana Geronti

I started my studies in Psychology at the Luton University of England and continued at the SouthEastern College in Greece. I was trained in the Parenting  Schools Coordination Groups, in Speech Disorders, in Dance Therapy for Adults (Laban Analysis) and Kinetic Therapy for children (Veronica Sherborne), in Clinical Psychopathology, Psychotherapy and Individual and Family Systemic Representation. In the last 15 years, i work in KE.THE.SY., helping people to understand themselves and to come into contact with the incredible power hidden within them, in order to be led in a world of love, acceptance and understanding - something we all need and rightfully deserve! I believe in the inner strength of the human being and my goal is to facilitate the changing process, in order for people to understand the issues that concern them, to find ways to address them and find new perspectives that will change their life for the better.

Ioanna Margaroni

Ioanna Margaroni has studied economics at an MBA level. From an early age, she started studying music and has a piano diploma. She discovered yoga and meditation in 2009. In 2011 hse graduated from the Studio One Fitness School with a specialty as a Group Exercise Leader (exercise group fitness programs). She is also a certified teacher of the bodyART system of Robert Steinbacher.
She has attended seminars with renowned yoga teachers (Desiree Rumbaugh, Ana Forrest, Matthew Sanford, Simon Park). She holds a 2nd degree in Usui Reiki and has studied Thai and Ayurvedic massage, as well as Crystal Therapy. She belongs to the Blossoming Goddess self-awareness group since 2013.

Ananda Ichashakti

Training in multiple forms of Yoga: Hatha, Ananda Yoga and Raza, with top-level Initiates, as well as in spiritual traditions of the Tantra Yoga system, High Initiations Buddhist yoga, Kalachakra and Powa. Total experience in teaching the yoga and personal development system: more than 20 years. She is a founding member of the "Association of Yoga in Greece." The goal of her life, beyond the implementation of higher spirituality, is to participate in activities for the collective good and the development of society to a higher level of spirituality. She founded the "Evolution School", a school for yoga, spiritual development and alternative therapies, which she has been running for over 10 years, teaching a Yoga and high meditation system structured in a 7-year development course, involving dynamic Kounadalini techniques, the Tantra yoga tradition and higher connection meditations for attunement with the spiritual heart and our eternal divine soul.

Sophia Fotinou

Μαθήτρια της Εσσαϊκής Σχολής και της Σχολής της Εσσαϊκής Κίνησης της Ευρώπης και

του Καναδά εδώ και 7 χρόνια, η Σοφία Φωτεινού έχει λάβει και εξακολουθεί να

λαμβάνει τις απαραίτητες καταρτίσεις και διαμόρφωση, προκειμένου να μεταδώσει

συγκεκριμένα εργαλεία-κλειδιά αυτο-θεραπείας και μελέτης, μέσα από ομιλίες,

σεμινάρια διαλογιστικών κινήσεων, μυητικά δρώμενα. Η εκπαιδευτική δραστηριότητα

της ομιλήτριας έχει λάβει και εξακολουθεί να λαμβάνει χώρα σε Κέντρα στην Αθήνα, τη

Θεσσαλονίκη, τους Δελφούς κ.α. Έχει συμμετάσχει σε πολυάριθμα φεστιβάλ

εναλλακτικών θεραπειών.


Panayiotis Eleftherakis

Eleftherakis Panayiotis was born in 1975 in Piraeus. From 2000 to 2003 he studied the Bach Flower Remedies practice under teacher Nikos Synatsakis, creative healing with Katerina Papakonstantinou, took the first degree of Reiki with Jenny Colebourne and was trained through nutrition seminars based on traditional Chinese medicine with Alexander Tilikidis and seminars on Shiatsu for the Family and On Site Massage with Ane Grimseth. From 2003 to 2010 he studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the studio of Zacharias Arvanitis Interior Design, was trained on Angelic treatments in the "Gate of the Angels" by Maria Zavou and studied the 3 Feng Shui levels under Costas Economou. In recent years, he attempts, along with his family, to live as close and as much in harmony with nature as possible, self-sufficiently, in the Tottoro Estate, while he follows the Evolution School courses of Isha Ichashaktiananda, as well as Waldorf pedagogy courses.

Chris Archos


Chris Archos was born in Athens in 1982 and his interest on the human being started from very early on. After completing his basic studies, he went to England, where he completed his studies with a Masters in Psychology Counselling and subsequently acquired specialization in Cognitive - Behavioral therapy, with further seminars and specialization on Mood Disorders and Relationship Couseling and most recently worked on family Psychology. Most people however, heard of him not as a psychologist but as an Astro - Psychologist. A professional astrologer since 2003, he has dealt with astrology for 20 years, having began to study astrology books as early as 1995. He worked extensively on psychological astrology, synastry and relationship and personal growth of the people around him.


He believes that each person has the opportunity to change their lives and rid them of situations that oppress them. "Astrology is the path to discovering our true self and the way we create our life and live it to the fullest."
Advisor of many people, he was the one to first introduce in Greece (2006), the four-year program of astrology studies as Professor of Esoteric Studies in the ΨΧ Academy, while, since 2003, as Professor of astrology, he has presented numerous seminars in Greece and abroad. He worked  for the "Signs and Future" magazine for five years, but also cooperated with the magazines "30 days stars", "Astrological Compass" and "Astrological Guide". He is a partner of many sites and magazines around the world, with top hits like oroskopos.gr, in2life.gr, myhoroscope.gr, eportal.gr, drosostalida.com, 4women.gr, omtimes.com, ascendinghearts.com. On Psychology, he has written numerous articles for Omtimes Magazine and "Psychology Today". He is the president of the Research Department of VAF - Vaastu astrological foundation and editor of Om Times Magazine for the Humanity Healing Foundation in the field of astrology. Founding member of the first two astrology clubs in Greece (Let's Go Astrology and Friends of Astrology Greece). In 2015, he brought the famous Omtimes magazine in Greece, translated in Greek, a magazine on psychology, alternative and metaphysical interests. Since 2012, he maintains the oldest astrological radio program "Astrologismoi" with great success, initially on e-star.gr and later on voicewebradio.com, now on focusmusic.gr.
Apart from specializing in Modern Astrology and psychological astrology in 2015 he finished his studies in Hellenistic astrology and starts the first Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastrology Research program in Greece.
Since 2013, he hosts astrology television shows like "Signs and Future" and "7 days Stars" at Focus web tv and «Love Stars» and «Astrological Bulletin" in oroskopos.gr. In 2014 he decided to make a show on Psychology, called "Interpersonal", inspired by the site http://www.diaprosopika.com, launched in cooperation with dear colleagues, psychologists this time.

Panos Anastassakis


Born and raised in Athens, he was first acquainted with the concept of linking science and spirituality through his parents at a very young age. His childhood heroes, Socrates and
Hippocrates, Apollo and Achilles, made in his young mind for an explosive mixture of ancient scientists and mythical heroes, coming from the same invisible Source of Life.
Over the years, Panos became himself the hero of his life.
He holds a degree in economics, graduated in Business Administration and
 jumped straight into the world of business and a gradual creation of an
international career in management of investment funds. His business
career includes a significant number of international investment
projects and coordination of groups of people of different nationalities and
social backgrounds, from a variety of business sectors, as well
as establishing or co-founding successful companies bringing
significant profits to their shareholders.
But happiness is not measured by success. The competitive arena
of traditional business led him to being cut off by his true Self, a natural consequence of physical and emotional disharmony.
This was the turning point that led to the decision to change his
lifestyle. He set out on a journey of transformation and knowledge of the
incredible Divine power of our body, mind and spirit, reconnecting with the Source of Life. This led him to many trips to places with high vibrations and, in his way, met people of higher consciousness that helped him broaden his
Since energy follows awareness, he began to study the ways of structuring a healthy, integrated self. He studied with leading neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza the incredible powers of the mind, and with physics professor at the University of St. Petersburg, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the Helectrophotonic Measurement of Bio-energy and recently became a Certified Health Educator by the famous
Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.
Today, along with his life partner Flavia, he runs the company Love of Health, a holistic wellness company, based in London, which aims, inter alia, to educate and guide people to change to a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Panos is a cofounder of Link∞Media, with the vision of collective
awakening and a conscious and sustainable way of life for all beings and Mother Earth.

Irene Delimitrou

Mother Nature has always been a warm hug for me. Gradually I began to discover and understand the special connection that I had with trees, my plants and herbs and love for the understanding of their energy.
As a first step I studied Herbal Medicine and Flower Therapy where all my childhood experience served as the basis of support for a comprehensive and scientifically structured knowledge of nature.
Framing my studies with medical anatomy courses, physiology and pathology of the human body, I expanded in all relevant disciplines, enriching my basic education by studying gemmotherapy, homeopathic Suessler salts therapy, anti-aging therapies, antioxidant preparation, special detoxification, cosmetic pharmaceutical arts, the production of natural remedies and special uses of bee products.
I continued gaining experience in our planet's botanical traditions of other regions such as Peru, the Amazon, Africa, China, (which I use as a golden touch of enhancement to the herbal remedies of the Mediterranean) as well as shamanic awareness techniques from Mother Nature, which I apply in individual sessions of Holistic Botany with herbs and flower essences.
In order for humans to benefit on all their levels, material and ethereal, I create a therapeutic hug, using all forms of remedies and energies stemming from Mother Nature, enriching the with the sound of crystalline cymbals, on musical journeys of broadening consciousness.
I work for the revival of one of the main therapeutic methods of antiquity, the Botanic Baths, which have amazingly refreshing properties for the human system as a whole, enabling the body to absorb the healing substances needed, as well as the energy of Mother Nature from the millions of pores the skin has.
I offer my knowledge in seminars for Flower Remedies called "The Water of the new Earth", for the healing properties and uses of widely known herbs, from those we can find in the kitchen to the rarest of essences and herbal solutions, giving instructions on setting up a home pharmacy based on Mother Nature.
Peace Delimitrou
Holistic Herbal Medicine
Tel. Ass. 6988602000
e-mail: rdelim@gmail.com