Sorita d'Este

Meeting the Goddess through the Four Elements

The four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth exist as spiritual essences, as philosophical concepts, as energy states and as a tangible physical reality. Through exploring and understanding the four elements we can connect with ourselves and with the world around us on a deeper level, connecting to both the spiritual and the physical world. The Goddesses of the natural world are often closely associated with one or more of the elements, embodying it both symbolically and physically, as manifestations and rulers of different elemental forces.

This workshop will introduce the history and philosophical concepts of the four elements, the symbols associated with the elements and how it has influenced many different spiritual traditions throughout the ages. We will explore the elements through simple ritual contemplations and meditations, and meet the Feminine Divine in Her different forms through which She embodies Air, Fire, Water and Earth – and ultimately Spirit. Through learning to bringing balance to the elemental forces withing ourselves, we can more fully embody and connect with the Divine and the beauty of the world around us in a balanced and connected way.


Paul Soulis

The system of the 72 Angels

The Theurgist system that addresses specific structures of divine energy and is governed by specific rules of dates, use of sigils, is a system called the 72 angels or Shemhamphorasch. In our meeting we will have the opportunity to know the story behind angels as recorded in Medieval and Renaissance texts and we will make introductory references to the practical part of this system and Sacred Geometry. At the end of the lecture we will have the opportunity to know how to work on our natal lunar Angel.


Vasilios A. Pagkalos MD, MSc, PhD

Beauty throughout the ages


Beauty standards are constantly changing. Although there are certain rules that determine objectively what is beautiful in nature, environmental conditions, social and economic circumstances, but also art and culture exert a constant influence on people's perceptions of beauty. In this lecture, the course standards of beauty from Ancient Egypt to the present day will be presented and we'll refer to the efforts of people to improve their appearance over the centuries.


Maya Moore Αdamidou

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy that uses movement to support our integration on all levels- emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual. All our experiences, from the earliest beginnings, are stored in our bodies, so this is the starting place from where we begin our journey.

In this workshop, our bodies, minds and hearts have a space to begin to uncover them, revealing their own unique truths, offering us wisdom, empowerment, inspiration and healing. As we gently nudge ourselves toward a clearer and more compassionate understanding of ourselves, transformation becomes more possible in ourselves and our relationships.   

Creative approaches from African dance traditions are the core of this study in female body-mind integration.


Jayne Claire

Therapeutic Circle to find the purpose in your life.


We will offer a 'Healing Circle' where we will receive directions from our source on how you might better live your life, find your purpose and enter the potential to heal oneself. Will include simple meditations or exercises for expanding consciousness . We will be open for personal questions where the energies may reveal the past life influences that affect the present reality. Energetic support is always offered as a part of our 'circle'.

Group Luthieros

Lyre Workshop

A tutorial on the ancient Lyre, the music of the ancient Greeks through surviving pieces and the application of the ancient lyre in today’s music.

1. A few words on the music of the ancient Greeks and the usefulness of the lyre in their society.

2. Acoustic contact with melodies of the ancient times. Comparison of the music of the ancient Greeks with music today.

3. What constitutes a lyre, how to wind the instrument and what we could play with it in the present day.


Charita Meenee

Discovering the Secrets of Aphrodite

We will explore Aphrodite as a multidimensional Archetypal form which is always current, as she winks at us through the depths of time inviting us to discover her secrets. Breaking taboos around sex and sexuality. She embodies our innermost desires. Today we see her energy reemerge through modern currents that challenge stereotypes that  claim their right to be different. Because the goddess of love is always alive in our souls


Rawan Muhedin

Revitalizing the Female reproductive system.


The female reproductive system has as much a strong impact on sexual desire and reproductive procedure, as in the hormonal system as a whole. The effects of the modern way of life on the feminine element have created an array of malfunctions, resulting in disharmony between the reproductive and hormonal systems. Returning to nature and attuning ourselves to its rhythm can invigorate and fortify the female reproductive system and restore femininity, as long as we acknowledge the secret treasures it hides, respecting them accordingly.

Maria Telidou

Woman as an Intuitive Healer - an approach through ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing introduces into the Theta Brain wave and this is the ideal condition to enter directly to subconscious mind. In women's subconscious mind we will find many restrictive beliefs entrenched by her ancestors DNA or from her development during her life or from the collective subconscious mind of humanity. How women can get rid of them and how they will create their own positive beliefs and feelings so they can experience their own creative intuitive power in theirs lives? How will develop their intuitive abilities without having to fear their personal powers? ThetaHealing is a scientific and holistic approach for all ages and people from every background cultural philosophies. Is been taught even to children. This speech is for men and women who want to experience the real power of female intuitive nature within their inner hearts and learn how to manifest it into their outer reality.


- Anatomy of a belief

- Subconscious mind of a healer

- Beliefs that restrict a healer

- What is intuition?

- How to develop my intuition?
- Is everyone capable of healing?
- How to protect my self during a healing?
- What to expect from a healing?
- How to apply healing even if I am not a professional healer.